Access To Healthcare Insurance and Productivity


Health is wealth, as it is rightly said, and also considered as the most valuable, precious gift of life for every individual. The accessibility to the best healthcare and payment for the healthcare services can be difficult, especially when the bills are not planned for, and there’s no forthcoming fund at that moment. Health care insurance is a productive factor that has a positive impact on individuals for various reasons which include long period of time protection from financial medical bills which might result from illness, accident or disability and adding values to the family’s physical, emotional and financial well being.

Healthcare insurance coverage covers payment for medical and surgical expenses incurred by the insured. An insurer develops a monthly premium or pay roll tax, to provide the money to pay for the healthcare benefits specified in the insurance agreement.  Rising costs of healthcare as well as the evident need for adequate healthcare today makes health insurance a definite must. Also access to healthcare is the timely use of personal health services to achieve the best health outcomes with a lot of health care advantages.

Oftentimes, there have been difficulties in accessing health care services which include: high cost of care, no health care insurance coverage and lack of availability of services. Access to health care service is concerned with helping people to get the appropriate health care resources in order to preserve or improve their health, the level of treatment varies significantly depending on what type of health insurance a person has in the insurance organization. Health insurance makes it easier for patients to gain entry into the health care services to overcome these difficulties and it also ensures timeliness (timeliness is the ability to provide healthcare services quickly after a need is identified).

With healthcare insurance, you get an opportunity to consult with a qualified doctor, health insurance protects you from unexpected high medical cost, promoting healthy behaviors ,providing childhood vaccination ,providing screening for hypertension ,cancer and other deadly diseases, assures access to clinical preventive services, assures the availability of urgent appointment,  assures payment of large hospital bills, also health care insurance uses quality hospitals and constant nudging of health insurers to their insured to stay healthy.


The lack of insurance by any family member has the potential to affect the financial and emotional well being of all members of the family. Families with health care insurance have better access to and use more health care services than family who are not insured. The parents of health care insured children are also less likely to delay seeking care for their children for conditions that require it, and illnesses or conditions are not as severe when they do seek care. Uninsured children are less likely to receive important preventive services that can have beneficial long-term effects.

A well healthy economy benefits everyone in the environment, also the cost of maintaining a good health without being insured is high. One of the multiple reasons that make everyone shows interest in health care insurance program.

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