Three Reasons Your Life Is Worth Good Health Insurance

If you don’t have health insurance, then you’re not alone. In fact, you may be in the majority as only 1% of Nigerians have valid health insurance coverage. But that is not a good majority to be part of. Most people, especially youths, would prefer to go without coverage. After all, if you look after […]

Five Ways Blockchain is Changing Health Insurance

Blockchain is a popular term amongst cryptocurrency experts and enthusiasts. It is the underlying technology on which cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin run but its application transcends coins and charts. Since it went mainstream in the last decade, Blockchain has found myriads of applications in the most unlikely sectors,  including healthcare. Before we […]

Health Care Insurance Plan As An Effective Way Of Dealing With Stress

Health care huge bills is a cause of anxiety and stress for a lot of people, stress in turns affect their health and well-being, often times people are bothered about the costs of not part of health care insurance plan with the potential of losing coverage for themselves and their families. As good health care […]

Regular And Emergency Health Care

Health care insurance helps to understand regular care and emergency care. Heath care insurance gives the best deal on services when you see a doctor or physician who has a contract with your health plan. Health care insurance ease regular source of care which expand chances of undergoing proper care. Health care insurance is very […]

Access To Healthcare Insurance and Productivity

Health is wealth, as it is rightly said, and also considered as the most valuable, precious gift of life for every individual. The accessibility to the best healthcare and payment for the healthcare services can be difficult, especially when the bills are not planned for, and there’s no forthcoming fund at that moment. Health care […]

Why You Need Health Insurance and How to Find One That Fits Your Needs

Only 1% of Nigerians have valid health insurance coverage. This is not hard to believe because health insurance comes at a price. It is not cheap. In developing countries such as Nigeria, going without coverage can be quite tempting. For several reasons. Where over half of the population live below the poverty line, the emphasis […]