Regular And Emergency Health Care


Health care insurance helps to understand regular care and emergency care. Heath care insurance gives the best deal on services when you see a doctor or physician who has a contract with your health plan. Health care insurance ease regular source of care which expand chances of undergoing proper care.

Health care insurance is very important for People with chronic conditions  such as hypertension, HIV, diabetes, as it increase the opportunities to get a regular source of care, for uninsured people with chronic conditions are less likely to receive appropriate care to manage their health conditions.

Regular care means treatment or care that is administered often as it is medically required. Regular care must be rendered personally by your physician according to accepted medical standards. Regular care has a lot of benefits which includes: reducing the risk of  getting sick, reducing the potentials of the threatening health conditions or diseases that are deadly,  reduce the risks of complications that can be limited by closely monitoring and it increases lifespan and improve health conditions. Physician also gives emotional support and motivates his patients to keep an active or healthy lifestyle, unlike people without health insurance.

Emergency care is life threatening illnesses or symptoms that require medical specialties and quick attention as lack of prompt medical attention can result to grave consequences or death. Some examples of illnesses that require emergency care are: chest pain, difficult breathing, severe bleeding, head trauma, road accidents, burns and scalds, major cuts, electrocution, snake bites, seizures, eye trauma.

Sophisticated medical equipment and staff expertise are found in hospital emergency rooms to handle life emergency conditions. An estimated cost for emergency health care is relatively high. That is, regular health care is substantially cheaper than emergency care. In the United States alone, over 139 million patients visit the Emergency Care Unit yearly, resulting to financial embarrassment in one way or the other. Health care insurance help their patients to avoid huge medical bills.

Regular care patients are seen on first-come – first-serve basis and an average less than 30 minutes from the time they visited until they leave, Emergency Care patients on the other hand are treated based on the severity of their condition. Life threatening injuries are attended to first. The average time from visiting to leaving is 2 hours and most often patients have to battle with bills that they do not plan for.

Everyone’s medical needs are different, but an emergency treatment is not by choice as usually we do not have control over them, they mostly occur as a result of an accident. The main point of a good health insurance plan is because it is the best health plan for patients to avoid unnecessary financial embarrassment.

Emergency can occur without warning or prior notice, health care insurance is the only way you can plan for unforeseen emergencies. Even thou you can’t forecast what is going to happen soon, but you need to have health care insurance plan in place.

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